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Thermal conductive silicone pad has certain flexibility, excellent insulation, Compressibility and natural viscosity on the surface. It is specially produced for the design scheme of using the gap to transmit heat.It can fill the gap and complete the heat transfer between the heating part and the heat dissipation part.

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Thermal Interface Materials Application Area


5000+square meters of industrial production room, one-stop-shop factory for the sales and production of thermal conductive materials, equipped with 20 sets of production processes and multiple material testing equipment. We can meet your various customization needs and help you with material analysis, providing free samples for testing.
Production and Material Testing Equipment
100+ Selected imported raw materials are used to meet international quality system certifications. The product has strong toughness, a shiny surface, and a long service life.
 Selected imported raw materials
20+ units Experimental testing equipment, Clearly define the work procedures and scope of each position in the rolling process, better monitor each process, strengthen management and control, effectively improve the quality of mixing and rolling, and provide the best service for subsequent production.
Fully Automated Production Lines
An excellent production management team and research and development team with more than 15 years of experienced senior engineers strictly supervise on-site operations, while skilled technicians with more than 8 years of experience lead the production process. These outstanding teams demonstrate a quick response and a commitment to high quality.
Excellent Production and R&D experience
ROHS/UL/ISO and other certificate reports, Intelligent quality control system, strict quality control,A specialized quality inspection team is established to conduct strict quality inspections from product design to factory delivery. The IS09001 quality management system is strictly implemented to control the defect rate within 1%..
Quality Control


As a professional Thermal Materials manufacturer in China, Our company not only has the perfect R & D management system, but also has excellent engineering designers and excellent professional managers.Dobon adopts the form of automatic production to rationalize the unit price of products, stabilize the quality to delivery on time for meeting the needs of our customers.

  • 100+

    We serve more than 100 countries and regions.

  • 80000+

    Our thermal solutions service more than 80,000 global users

  • 1000+

    Thermal Management design and layout order documents daily more than 1000

  • 96.15%

    Our one-stop Thermal Interface Materials has a 96.15% on-time delivery.

Customer Time Order Number Type Quantity Amount
  • Laura J. Stock 05-03 TIM90***10 Pad 1000pcs $588.10
  • Zhen Chu 07-10 TIM90***07 Pad 10000pcs $5188.11
  • Connor Gepp 08-03 TIM90***06 Pad 10000pcs $1286.12
  • Vanessa Seiler 06-02 TIM90***03 Pad 5000pcs $3148.14
  • Fen Hsieh 04-06 TIM90***10 Pad 8000pcs $2644.25
  • Elif Axelsson 02-07 TIM90***12 Pad 700pcs $521.28
  • Cebrail van de Graaf 08-03 TIM90***17 Pad 500pcs $561.25
  • Pauline Tobiassen 10-05 TIM90***15 Pad 1000pcs $574.20
  • Veronica Avdeyeva 12-09 TIM90***04 Pad 50000pcs $6518.30

Thermal Interface Materials Quality Control


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Customer' feedback

Thitinan K. , Siam
We are LED lighting supplies in Thailand looking for thermal conductive material for heat sink and its LED. I received the advanced thermal solutions for the LED lights! I'm impressed with every aspect of what you do and I couldn't be more pleased with the end result! Thank you is really I can say but it doesn't seem enough somehow. I hope to use the materials again - in fact, I definitely will!
2023-06-12 100+
Richard Hubbard
We are looking for materials that provide effective thermal conduction whilst electrically insulative and conforms to components on a PCB. That's only Dobon can provided - Very Thanks
2023-06-12 100+
Antonio Napolitano
You're an absolute star. Many thanks for turning around this week for my projects. I really, really appreciate it and will obviously be recommending the quality materials to my needed friends.
2023-06-12 100+
David Hunter
We have a project is domotic network interface with light-power control and security- very efficient service, and the material quality is very good. I am grateful for your assistance and advice throughout and should I need more samples for new project. Many thanks.
2023-06-12 100+
Victor Grieve
The samples arrived this afternoon, and I want to pass on to you my sincere thanks for your terrific service and quality product - the finished article surpassed all expectations. I am absolutely delighted with the outcome.
2023-06-12 100+
John Donaldson
Best solutions for the projects i work on that heat sinks of different sizes. I have been very impressed by the service you've given me - thank you!
2023-06-12 100+
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