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Case study of China mobile phone application of GS graphite thermal film

With the emergence of smart phones replacing traditional feature phones, the configuration of mobile phone hardware has reached an unprecedented development: mobile processor frequency from 600MHz to 2.0GHz, core CPU from single core to eight core, screen from 2.8 inches to 5.7 inches, resolution from HVGA to 720P. The rapid development of smart phones, the hardware greatly improved, the programs that can run are bigger and more complex; when running programs for a long time and with high load, the smart phone CPO chip and image processor load will be higher, and accordingly, the heat generated will be faster and more. The local temperature of the heating module increases rapidly, and finally the internal temperature of the phone is too high, which affects the stable operation of the phone.


Domestic quad-core mobile phone application of GS graphite heat dissipation film A well-known domestic brand mobile phone manufacturer has used our company's graphite heat dissipation film in quad-core smart phones. The graphite heat dissipation film is attached to the back of the screen connected by the metal plate of the phone, and the other side is close to the metal packaging layer of the CPU and image processor. The heat generated by the phone's heat source CPU chip and image processor is transferred to the metal plate on the back of the phone screen by the graphite film to achieve the purpose of expanding the heat dissipation area. This makes the entire phone screen dissipate heat, reducing the temperature of the heat source.

After many practical tests, after using our company's graphite thermal film, the average temperature value of the quad-core smart phone's heat source dropped from 43°C to 37°C. The internal temperature of the phone reaches the normal working temperature range of the phone, greatly extending the service life of the phone, and also ensuring that users get a good experience while using smart phones.

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