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Notebook use of thermally conductive materials to analyze the comparison

Shenzhen Duobang Technology Co., Ltd. launched the chemical composition is mainly a single carbon composition of graphite thermal film. Graphite through the chemical method of high temperature and high pressure to get graphitized film, and then through two more complex special process, and finally backed with rubber and PET insulation film, made of heat dissipation thermal film. It is a kind of high and new material with vertical heat conduction and horizontal high-speed rapid heat dissipation.


(Thermal conductive silicone grease notebook heat Figure 1)

Notebook using the notebook's traditional thermal conductivity material thermal grease, it can be clearly seen (Figure 1) notebook internal heat source heat are concentrated in a separate area, the heat dissipation module can not be through the heat conduction to the cooling fan, through the fan blowing away the heat, but also can not be notebook internal heat source heat conduction to the outside of the notebook.


(Thermal diagram of a notebook using graphite heat sink film2)

Thermal conductivity graphite film applied to the notebook (shown in Figure 2) localized higher temperature reduction and other areas of the temperature is closer to the convenience of the notebook cooling fan faster heat discharge; the use of graphite film, you can see that the highest temperature of the notebook heat source is also 47 ° C, but instead of the notebook's cooling fan discharge port temperature rose to 49 ° C, indicating that the notebook's internal heat is rapidly discharged from the notebook. This also ensures the stability of the use of the notebook, to avoid high temperatures due to the heat source and reduce the service life of the notebook, while improving the performance of the notebook.

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