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The comparison of DOBON brand GSJ graphite sheet with other brands of graphite sheet

Tablet heat dissipation graphite sheet comparison case Last week, a customer called us to send graphite sheet samples for testing. We sent the graphite sheet samples to the engineer, and the engineer happened to have a sample from a peer. We did a thermal conductivity test comparison of the two graphite sheets. The blue one on the left is the 0.07MM ultra-thin thermal conductive graphite sheet produced and provided by DOBON brand thermal conductive graphite material manufacturer The red one on the right is the 0.2mm thermal conductive graphite sheet provided by a certain graphite material manufacturer Tablet heat dissipation graphite sheet


You can see that the red one has a wrinkled fold, which is because the thicker graphite sheet has broken the brittle graphite after several times of sticking and replacing. In fact, it can be said that the thermal conductivity of this graphite sheet is very small. And the vertical thermal conductivity coefficient of the 0.2mm graphite sheet is not as good as that of the 0.07mm.


Tablet graphite heat dissipation sheet The tablet requires a temperature below 50°C. The peer's graphite sheet is thicker, and it is better to say that it is covering the tablet CPU with a quilt instead of conducting heat. It shields the CPU temperature from conduction. But DOBON's graphite sheet transfers and diffuses the CPU heat energy in a real way, reducing the CPU load. 

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